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   Each of our kittens is raised with a lot of care and love and is part of the entire family from birth.
   From the first day until about the fourth week of life, the little ones grow up protected in a litter box and a "kitten playpen" built especially for them, as too many dangers lurk in the apartment up to this age.
   However, this becomes too boring (usually from the 5th week) and so they quickly learn how to break out of the playpen and from this point onwards the entire apartment is available to them to play, run around, scuffle and do nonsense.
For this reason, they are used to everyday noises, such as B. Vacuum cleaner, television  and everything else that can make noise in everyday life.
Also on  they are used to many different people, so that the fur noses and their new "can openers" have the best start into their new life together.
   From their mother and the other cats they learn what a kitten needs to become independent, such as cleaning, going to the toilet, cuddling, social behavior and much more ...
    From the 5th week of life onwards, the little ones have built up a sufficient immune system and look forward to the first cuddle visit from their new owners.
From then on, you can visit them as often as desired or as often as possible, because of course it is also important to us to get to know "you" better. In addition, the development of the babies through to the release can also be experienced by the new owner. Of course, the new owners are regularly provided with photos and videos of "their" bears.
We are also happy to receive pictures of our kittens after they have moved out.
Our protégés will only give up if they have a "good feeling" and if the chemistry with the new cuddly staff is right.
As a rule, kittens from our breeding are not sold individually,
there  Cats are not loners and, especially when they are kittens, they absolutely need a partner to play, fight and to establish social contacts.
Unprotected access is also an exclusion criterion for us.
They are then not allowed to move out until they are 13 weeks old at the earliest.
Then they are twice vaccinated, chipped, dewormed, house-trained and well socialized. When our kittens are handed over to the breeding program, they are vaccinated twice, against rabies if requested.
In addition, all of our babies are given a vaccination card, their pedigree, a current health certificate, a sales contract and a starter package for the first few days.

If you are looking for a "bargain kitten" then you have definitely come to the wrong address!
Will  If a kitten is purchased from us as a "pet animal", a castration obligation is contractually stipulated.
What you get:
  • Family tree of the Felidae eV
  • Vaccination card with the 2x against cat flu and cat disease. Against rabies by arrangement.
  • Microchip number (for unique identification of the cat
  • current health certificate from our veterinarian
  • Starter package for the first few days
If you are interested in a kitten from our breed, please do not hesitate to contact us.
  If you have any further questions before or after buying a kitten, we will of course be happy to assist you at any time.
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